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Untitled Group is Australia's largest independently-owned music and events company, renowned as the masterminds behind much-loved festivals Beyond The Valley, Pitch Music & Arts, Wildlands, Grapevine Gathering, For The Love and Ability Fest.
ChallengeUntitled Group's existing website, built on WordPress, faced limitations in scalability and user experience. The challenge was to transition away from WordPress and revamp the website with a fresh, user-friendly design that did not compromise on brand identity. Additionally, there was a need to integrate a Shopify store into the new platform to streamline the process of selling merchandise, ensuring that it aligned seamlessly with the overall design and functionality of the website.ApproachOur approach involved a complete overhaul of Untitled Group's digital presence. We focused on transitioning from WordPress to Webflow to achieve greater design flexibility and ease of content management. Simultaneously, we aimed to craft a new design that enhanced user experience while maintaining the brand's unique identity. A key part of this strategy was the integration of a Shopify store within the Webflow site, facilitating a smooth and cohesive merchandising experience.

Design SystemThe new design system for Untitled Group's website was tailored to reflect the brand's modern and dynamic nature. We employed a contemporary colour scheme and typography that resonated with the brand, while ensuring the layout was clean and visually appealing. This approach resulted in a visually striking design that aligned with Untitled Group's identity.Experience DesignA significant emphasis was placed on user experience. The redesigned website offered intuitive navigation and a streamlined user journey, making it easy for visitors to explore events, artists, and content. Interactive elements were incorporated to engage users, enhancing the overall experience without overshadowing the brand's essence.Untitled Groupuntitledgroup.com.au