House Of DarwinAn Extra Medium project in collaboration with Going Northhouseofdarwin.comHouse of Darwin is a social enterprise. They are a clothing company who reinvest their profits back into social programs in remote Indigenous communities. They exist to inspire, educate and cultivate change within the two worlds of Australia.
ChallengeHouse Of Darwin reached out wanting to create a custom shopify site that needed to embody the essence of its unique brand while seamlessly integrating e-commerce functionality. The existing website for House of Darwin wasn’t reflecting the brand's unique identity. The challenge lay in overhauling the digital presence to align with the brand's ethos, ensuring that it resonated with the high standards and community of House of Darwin. ApproachOur approach focused on blending House of Darwin's unique brand identity with robust e-commerce capabilities. We aimed to design a website that was visually appealing, reflective of the brand's community connection, and easy to navigate. The key was to streamline the shopping experience using custom Shopify development, ensuring that the website was not only a showcase of products but also an efficient platform for conversions.

Design SystemWe developed a design system that deeply resonated with the brand's unique connection to the community. The colour palette was carefully selected to reflect the vibrancy and diversity of the community House of Darwin represents, featuring a mix of bold and earthy tones that communicate both energy and authenticity. This unique colour scheme, combined with a clean and modern layout and mono typeface helped connect and visually narrate the brand's community-focused story. The design system was not just about aesthetics; it was a visual representation of House of Darwin's commitment to community, culture, and quality.Experience DesignWe focused on creating an intuitive user journey, with a clear pathway from product discovery to purchase. Interactive elements such as detailed product views and easy-to-use navigation menus were implemented, making the shopping process straightforward and enjoyable.House Of