I work as a designer and I help people and businesses build their vision, brands and products.HELLO@JOELCAUST.COM
My expereince encompasses a broad range of disciplines, including product design, branding, print, and creative. My journey in design began by earning a degree in graphic design in 2012, since then I have worked in-house, agency side, freelance and recently co-founded Extra Medium.

Over the years, I have had the privilege of collaborating with a range of clients and artists, from startups to multinational corporations, working on various projects that span the spectrum of modern design.

My approach to design is centered on creating deep, intuitive connections with digital products. I specialise in creatively solving problems, developing engaging, interactive interfaces and cultivating brand identities that resonate with their respective communities. My background in music has profoundly influenced my design philosophy, particularly in terms of incorporating rhythm and structure into my creative process.
The past four years I have been working on projects with my friend, Alex who is a talented developer. Together we founded Extra Medium, a digital design studio that loves to problem solve, collaborate and intelligently create.

4220, QLD