Patron TequilaAn Extra Medium project in collaboration with Bolster
Patrón Tequila was created with a singular mission: to produce the world’s finest ultra-premium tequila, made from 100% pure Weber Blue Agave, which is harvested, roasted, crushed, distilled and bottled in the hills of Jalisco, Mexico. Employing traditional techniques and modern technology, Patrón has refined and perfected the art of making tequila.
ChallengeAs the digital landscape evolves with the impending removal of cookies, Patron recognised the urgent need to build its own consumer database to maintain and enhance customer relationships. The key challenge was to develop a strategy that not only gathered consumer contacts effectively but also fostered brand loyalty and engagement through captivating content and communications. To achieve this, Patron planned to leverage collaborations with aligned brands and influencers, using a landing page as the central hub for consumer promotions. The core mechanic involved a game of chance, incentivising sign-ups to the Patron newsletter and encouraging referrals for additional entries, all aimed at expanding the consumer database.ApproachOur approach centred on creating an engaging, brand-aligned landing page that would serve as the focal point for Patron's consumer promotions. The design and functionality were tailored to facilitate easy sign-ups to the newsletter, while the game of chance element added excitement and encouraged user participation and referrals.

Design SystemThe design system for the Patron landing page was crafted to reflect the brand's luxurious and exclusive image. We employed a sophisticated and clean design, incorporating visual elements that resonated with Patron's premium quality.Experience DesignOur focus was on delivering an immersive and intuitive user experience. We incorporated interactive design elements, high-quality visuals, and a straightforward form, all aimed at enhancing customer conversions and simplifying the path to entry.Patron Tequila