Club 77
An Extra Medium project 77, located at 77 William Street, Sydney, is a revered underground hub with over 25 years in the nightlife realm. Known for its dark, subterranean atmosphere, it's a cradle of underground music culture.
ChallengeOur project aimed to elevate Club 77's online presence, aligning it with the club's vibrant energy and history. The Club 77 team were adamant in wanting to capturing the electrifying atmosphere of Club 77 in a digital format. The existing website lacked the dynamic and engaging elements that mirrored the club's essence. It was crucial to design a platform that not only provided information but also encapsulated the club's unique vibe.ApproachWe embarked on a journey of creative exploration, blending innovative design with interactions and animations. We conducted extensive research on current trends in nightlife websites and gathered feedback from frequent club-goers to ensure our design resonated with the target audience. We focused on creating unique and subtle interactions throughout the site to take the user on a journey while scrolling. This was a result in wanting to engage the user and also continue the vibe of being on the front of music and culture. 

Design SystemWe developed a design system that reflected Club 77's bold and historic position in the scene. Utilising a vivid colour scheme, modern typography, and unique layouts, we ensured a consistent brand representation throughout every touchpoint. This system was scalable, allowing for future updates and changes without losing the site's core aesthetic and design.Experience DesignWe explored and implemented new features that provided a rich user experience with no dead-ends for old and new fans. We focused on creating an immersive digital environment and integrating interactive. A streamlined navigation was implemented to enhance user engagement and provide easy access to vital information like events and artists.Club