Shambhala Music FestivalAn Extra Medium project in collaboration with
Shambhala Music Festival is an annual celebration of electronic music and art, held at Salmo River Ranch in British Columbia, Canada. At the centre of the festival is Shambhalove; a positive energetic and eclectic energy that radiates through the festival and our patrons.
ChallengeShambhala Music Festival's existing website, built on WordPress, was becoming increasingly outdated, both in terms of design and functionality. The festival team sought to transition to Webflow to enhance scalability and reduce the time required for updates. Additionally, they aimed to develop a custom Shopify site for their merchandise store, with seamless integration into the Webflow site. A significant challenge was the existing site's confusing navigation and information architecture, which hindered users ability to find information easily.ApproachWe were driven to do a complete overhaul of Shambhala Music Festival's digital presence. We focused on migrating to Webflow for greater flexibility and ease of content management, while simultaneously developing a custom Shopify solution for the merchandise store. A key aspect of this project was reworking the site's information architecture and user experience, guided by insights from a detailed UX audit and workshop. A key focus was put on how we could utilise the incredible artwork for this years festival but also create a site that felt true the the Shambhala brand.

Design SystemThe new design system for the Shambhala Music Festival website was crafted to capture the festival's unique energy and spirit. We focused on a vibrant and visually engaging layout that resonated with the festival's dynamic atmosphere. The design incorporated elements that reflected the festival's artistic and musical diversity, ensuring that the website was not just informative but also a visual representation of the festival experience.Experience DesignA major overhaul in experience design was guided by the insights from our UX audit and workshop. We streamlined the site's navigation and restructured the information architecture to make it more intuitive. This redesign made it easier for users to find essential information like festival schedules, artist lineups, and ticketing details, thereby enhancing the overall user journey on the site.Shambhala Music