Elton John
 AUS/NZ TourAn Extra Medium project in collaboration with BolsterSir Elton Hercules John CH CBE is a British singer, pianist and composer. Acclaimed by critics and musicians, particularly for his work during the 1970s and for his lasting impact on the music industry, his music and showmanship have had a significant impact on popular music.
ChallengeElton John’s team reached out wanting to create a custom site that provided and supported all the necessary info for the upcoming AUS/NZ tour while primarily acting as a central portal to direct to various pre-sales and capture sign ups. A huge focus was put on traffic scalability as the site was expected to have 100’s of thousands of users at once and to be easily updated from the client’s end as shows can sell out at anytime. ApproachTo ensure the heavy traffic demand this site would gain we opted to use Webflow as the cms knowing it’s cloud based hosting would scale by demand. This decision heavily influenced by knowing we wouldn’t experience any downtime or potential crashes during heavy traffic times in pre-sales. 

We aimed to have the site’s look and feel reflect the tour collateral. We focused on creating unique and subtle interactions throughout the site to take the user on a journey while scrolling and make the album artwork feel interactive.

Design SystemInspired by Elton John's flair, the website featured a vibrant and theatrical design system, incorporating rich colours and dynamic visuals. This system created a visually captivating user interface that was both engaging and reflective of the unique tour artwork.Experience DesignFocusing on the core content of ticket and event information, we opted for Webflow to allow Elton’s team easy access to allow real-time updates on tour dates, venues, and ticket availability. This ensured that fans received accurate and timely information, essential for a smooth and enjoyable concert-going experience.Elton John
 AUS/NZ Tour