Dekmantel NAARMAn Extra Medium project in collaboration with BolsterDekmantel is an Amsterdam-based music company that hosts global events and releases cutting-edge dance music. Dekmantel has established itself not only as a peerless electronic music festival in Europe, but also as an organisation appreciated for its deep and genuine passion for underground dance music. In March 2024, Dekmantel brings its festival to Melbourne Naarm for a four-day event.
ChallengeThe Dekmantel festival, known for its avant-garde take on electronic music and art, faced a significant digital challenge. The festival needed a website that expanded into a new market and country. The main hurdle was creating a digital platform that resonated with the festival's iconic brand, effectively bridged the gap between its social media presence and the live event experience, and stood on it’s own from the Amsterdam site. The website had to be more than just an information hub; it needed to be an immersive, engaging, and intuitive extension of the festival itself.ApproachWe aimed to create a cohesive experience across all digital platforms. The focus was on integrating the website seamlessly with the festival's social media channels, incredible artwork and live events. Our strategy was centred on user-friendliness and accessibility, ensuring an easy navigation system amongst the unique art. We focused on simplifying the flow of information, ensuring easy access to essential details, and building an aesthetically aligned online presence that resonates with the festival's avant-garde vibe.

Design SystemThe Dekmantel website's design system mirrored the festival's progressive spirit, blending contemporary and abstract aesthetics. A striking colour scheme and flexible layout ensured visual engagement and brand coherence. Interactive features added depth to the artwork and promoted engagement and scrolling.Experience DesignFocusing on the crucial aspects of ticket and event information, we equipped the Dekmantel team with Webflow for the CMS. This allowed for real-time updates on ticket availability, pricing tiers, and essential event details. The CMS also streamlined the integration of real-time event updates and announcements, keeping the site dynamic and informative.Dekmantel NAARM