Modern TimesAn Extra Medium Times uniquely pairs contemporary Australian art and design with vintage European design furniture. With diverse backgrounds spanning music, events, art, design and hospitality, owners Joel and Amy Malin began Modern Times with a series of pop-up shops in 2010.
ChallengeModern Times reached out wanting to revamp its online presence, transitioning from an outdated website to a platform that reflected its contemporary and timeless aesthetic. The primary task was not only to update the design but also to enhance the technical aspects of the site. A crucial requirement was the integration of their current inventory system into the new content management system (CMS), necessitating bespoke technical solutions.ApproachTo ensure we met all of Modern Times needs we centred on developing a website that was both aesthetically modern and technically advanced. The goal was to create a digital space that seamlessly married a fresh, contemporary design with robust functionality, including the integration of a sophisticated inventory management system.

Design SystemThe new design system for Modern Times was developed to embody a contemporary and timeless feel, aligning with the brand's ethos. We employed a clean, minimalist aesthetic with a focus on high-quality visuals and a neutral colour palette. This design strategy not only refreshed the website's look but also enhanced the user experience by emphasising the elegance and quality of their products.Experience DesignThe user experience was overhauled to be intuitive and engaging. We prioritised ease of navigation and clarity in product presentation, ensuring that customers could effortlessly browse and appreciate the range of items offered. The website was designed to be a virtual extension of the Modern Times gallery, offering users a refined and unique shopping experience.Modern Times