Bolster Group
An Extra Medium project
bolster.groupBOLSTER GROUP is an integrated communications agency with an eye on culture. They foster shared cultural experiences with like-minded partners to create a more connected world.
ChallengeBolster Group is currently going through a big rebrand across all the 5 companies across the Group – Bolster Group, Bolster, Aeroplane Agency, Going North & Common State. To launch this news to the world, they needed a simple landing page created for the parent company Bolster Group. The site would need to be linear and informative and works to keep Bolster’s cool and down to earth presence, while showing to be mature and refined.ApproachBolster Group’s website posed a multifaceted challenge: to stand on it’s own from it’s sub companies but keep the journey and feeling holistic and not lose that coolness that Bolster is known for. We aimed to address this by strategising and workshopping the UI/UX from the ground up with the intention of complimenting all of the sub-companies and Bolster Groups new identity.

We focused on creating unique and subtle interactions throughout the site to take the user on a journey while scrolling. This was a result in wanting to engage the user and also continue the vibe of being on the front of design and culture. 

Design SystemWe embraced a modular design system, ensuring a cohesive visual identity across the site. This system was built to balance aesthetic appeal with functional simplicity. Its use of bold typography, harmonious colour palettes, and fluid grid layouts. Each element was chosen to elevate the brand's image, while maintaining a seamless and scalable structure, perfect for future expansions or iterations.Experience DesignWe focused heavily on making this site’s UX both intuitive and engaging. Navigation is a breeze, with a streamlined menu that guides visitors effortlessly through the site. Interactive elements are strategically placed to create a journey that not only informs but also entertains, keeping users engaged and coming back for more.Bolster