Laundry GalleryAn Extra Medium project in collaboration with Going Gallery is an Aboriginal owned multidisciplinary creative hub located in Darwin, Northern Territory. They represent modern iterations of Indigenous arts and cultures and provide an accessible pathway for age-old songlines to co-exist with the modern world.
ChallengeLaundry Gallery, deeply rooted in the Northern Territory indigenous and arts community, faced the challenge of establishing its first online presence. The goal was to create an e-commerce site that not only stood out in terms of design and functionality but also genuinely reflected the extraordinary artists and community it represents. ApproachWe aimed to construct a bespoke e-commerce website for Laundry Gallery, tailored to showcase their connection to the rich cultural heritage of the Northern Territory's indigenous artists community. We focused on developing a site that was as unique and captivating as the artworks it would feature, ensuring the design and functionality highlighted the gallery's commitment to its community and artists.

Design SystemFor Laundry Gallery, we developed a design system that echoed the vibrancy and authenticity of indigenous art. The website's design utilised a vibrant colour palette and graphical elements inspired by indigenous art, creating a visual connection between the online space and the physical gallery. This approach provided an immersive experience, drawing visitors into the world of indigenous art and culture.Experience DesignThe user experience was crafted to be intuitive and engaging, facilitating effortless navigation through the gallery's collection. Special attention was given to how art pieces were displayed, ensuring that each piece's uniqueness and story were effectively communicated.Laundry Gallery