Anindilyakwa Art Centre
An Extra Medium project in collaboration with Going North Arts is a thriving hub of creativity located on the Groote Eylandt Archipelago in the Gulf of Carpentaria in the Northern Territory. Anindilyakwa Arts is part of the Anindilyakwa Land Council and is as an integral part of the Preserving Culture Department, supporting the economic, cultural and social outcomes of the Warnumamalya people.
ChallengeAnindilyakwa Art Centre reached out wanting to create a custom shopify site that not only showcased the artworks but also shared the unique AAC story, all while respecting the cultural significance of the art and ensuring a seamless user experience.ApproachFocusing on the directive of sharing the communities story and providing a contemporary e-commerce site to purchase their artworks we worked closely with the Anindilyakwa community and team to ensure that the website's design and content respected their cultural values and traditions, aligning with their goal of preserving and sharing their heritage. Understanding and respecting the team’s resources we aimed to deliver a seamless easy-to-use shopify backend for the team to manage any request and update they needed to scale and grow with the demand. 

Design SystemWe built a design system that aimed to make the site feel familiar and apart of the community. All the colours used throughout the site are all lifted from selected artworks and blocking out sections with these colours helped give each section or page on the site a feeling of a different voice in the community. Honing in on this specific colour system we knew it that would harmonise the artworks and compliment the extensive content library.Experience DesignWe explored and implemented new features that provided a rich user experience with no dead-ends for shoppers and the community. We built a robust IA and a user-friendly design with clear categories, making it simple for visitors to browse and discover artworks. We ensured the website was responsive, and focused on optimising load times to cater to all users regardless of their device or location.Anindilyakwa Art