Amphibian Aerospace IndustriesAn Extra Medium project in collaboration with Going Northamphibaircraft.comAAI was established as the manufacturing and product development arm of the Australian owned Amphibian Aircraft group of companies. The vision for AAI is to be a world leader in the development and production of amphibian aerospace capabilities.
ChallengeAAI presented a website that was hard to use and difficult to navigate. The AAI team were after a really clean, elevated redesign of their current website. The purpose of the website was to inform and provide potential investors and partners with a place and tool they can access all the info they needed and easy.

They specially mentioned “elegance in simplicity” in regards to the websites look and feel.
ApproachAAI’s current website was challenging to find any information and answer and it also didn’t reflect their incredible engineering and design. We aimed to fix this by strategising and workshopping their IA while re-designing their website from the ground up with the intention of complimenting their aircrafts elegant design.

We focused on creating unique and subtle interactions throughout the site to wow investors and take the user on a journey while scrolling. This was a result in wanting to engage the user and also increase the way the facts and information was shared. 

Design SystemWe established a design system that was based off the current style guide but elevated for the website - we wanted it to feel elegant and clean. We started with a solid sans serif font for all headers that we knew would be complimentary to the aircrafts. We then built a colour system that would harmonise the renders and photography and compliment the extensive content library.Experience DesignWe explored and implemented new features that provided a rich user experience with no dead-ends for investors and users. This meant replacing the pre-existing IA with one that resulted in finding answers for any questions, quickly and easily. We introduced some unique interactions to promote engagement and scrolling. Amphibian Aerospace